Our Services

Our Services

Save Big Redmond Movers understands this and offers all kinds of moving services. We are a trusted name in the Redmond City Area as we have been delivering high-end moving services for years.

Residential Moves

Whether you need a smaller home now that your kids are moving out or got a big promotion and have to move to another neighborhood, Save Big Redmond Movers will make the transition as smooth as possible. Your move will be handled with absolute professionalism and care as we believe that every single item in your home has sentimental value in addition to its actual cost.

Our moving crew members are skilled in wrapping and packaging every aspect of your home to ensure that it reaches its destination in one piece. Not only do we take great care while loading and unloading your items, we also have padded trucks that further make it difficult for any box or household item to sustain damage. And the best part? We do not take much time despite providing quality services.

Local and Long Distance Moves

Trust us to ensure high quality services regardless of the moving service you opt for and whether you need to move around the corner or another state. Our founders have decades of experience in the moving industry and our employees offer their expertise and skills to ensure a smooth move. If you are planning a move that is under 20 miles from your current place, we recommend our Local Move service. If you are planning to relocate beyond 20 miles, you will require a Long Distance Move.

We offer different wrapping and packaging techniques for both types of moves, ensuring the safety of your possessions regardless of how near or far we need to move them. Trust us to customize our services according to your needs and to maintain a high level of service that goes beyond the standards of our industry.

Commercial Moves

While many companies boast about their experience in residential moves, very few of them have experience in the commercial sector. Luckily for you, Save Big Redmond Movers has been moving entire factories, plants, research facilities and server farms for years with great success and zero percent problems. Our vast experience carrying out this type of moves allows us to ensure the safety of sensitive equipment and heavy duty machineries while moving. We also offer meticulous packaging, wrapping, loading and unloading to save your time and prevent hassle.
Because our commercial sector clients have valuable documents which they need to transport while moving their industries, we take full responsibility of protecting these assets whether physical or digital. Our moves are alert even during long distance moves, ensuring that no one gains access to your file folders or computers as we transport them.

Office Moves

Office moves happen more often than commercial moves. If you want to upgrade your office to a better location or move to a smaller one, all you need to do is consult with us. Save Big Redmond Movers goes beyond relocating your assets from one location to another. We set up your office as well so that you do not have to hire outside help to re-organize once you have moved.

Save Big Redmond Movers has the right skillset, experience and equipment to effectively and safely move items like furniture, printers, photocopy machines, computer and other electronics. Moreover, we take the security of your files and data very seriously, which is why you can trust us to keep them safe from prying eyes. We are dedicated to ensuring that your operations are never affected in any way, which is also why we quickly pack and unpack your things. With us by your side, rest assured that it will not be long before you are back in business.

Retail Moves

There is a lot of planning involved in retail moves and only a handful of moving companies can understand the complexities of this type of service. Save Big Redmond Movers is one of the first companies to offer this service in Redmond, which is why we have been entrusted with moving whole stores and organizing them according to our clients’ instructions.

In addition to relocating your merchandise, we will move your display equipment as well as furniture and office necessities. Since we understand how costly and fragile these are, trust us to take extra care while relocating them so that there are no scratches on the product or even the slightest damage to your merchandise or displays. Trust us to move your store so quickly that you will not suffer losses from remaining closed for long.

Packing and Unpacking

As there are numerous tasks involved in relocating your home, office, industry or store, you may be too busy with those to carefully pack your things. During all the chaos, we can help you with the biggest task of moving: wrapping and packaging. Save Big Redmond Movers provides professional wrapping and packaging services for your convenience. Our services can be customized according to your type of move and fragility of items.

We are a one stop solution for all your moving needs. Call us today at 1 619-633-3477 and book any of our services. Trust us to provide you with a competitive price quote that you will definitely like.