Long Distance Moves

Long Distance Moves

Did you recently get a better job offer in another city far away from where you currently are? Do you want to move to a different city in your current state? Are you thinking about selling all your furniture and appliances because the distance of your move is too long? Save Big Redmond Movers is here to rid you of all worries because we offer excellent and affordable long distance moving services.

Long distance moves are those where you relocate beyond 20 miles. Though they cost more than local moves, rest assured that we keep the same high quality standard of service and go the extra mile to keep your things safe.

Save Big Redmond Movers has years of experience in long distance move. We have even moved clients all over the country. Our moving crew has a lot of experience when it comes to wrapping and packing up your belongings, which is why we advise that you leave this task to our professionals. We know how to make weight proportionate boxes that are padded from the inside in order to protect your valuables. Our trucks are also heavily padded, further protecting personal belongings like appliances, furniture and other items.

What a Long Distance Move Entails

Since short distance moves are easier than long distance ones, we understand that you must be worried about having to relocate. Many prefer relocating light, which is why they just sell everything locally and buy them again once they move to a new location. However, this comes with its own set of issues, such as massive amount of stress, reorganizing and redecorating, and hefty expenses since you cannot expect to pay the same price for furniture today as you did a few years ago.

Local Moves

Save Big Redmond Movers can help through a complete package which includes packing and wrapping, loading, and transporting your belongings, equipment, merchandise, and/or assets across the country. At your destination, we will take charge of unloading, unpacking and then organizing your things just like they were at the source or according to your instructions.

In order to further ensure that your long distance move goes smoothly, we recommend the following steps.

Clean Everything Before Moving Day

Before deciding what is worth moving and what is not, we advise that you clean your current home. Cleaning your store, office, home, or factory will give you a chance to uncover a few things that were probably missing. It also helps you gain perspective on how to dismantle everything and begin unpacking.

Get Rid of Unwanted Things

After the cleaning is done, we suggest that you weed out the unwanted things which have been cluttering your storage spaces. If you think some bigger things, such as furniture or appliances, have gotten too old and need to be replaced, you can get rid of those too. You can take these things to a nearby landfill and have them dumped there or you can turn a little profit on the side if you have a garage sale. You can simply donate the unwanted items to a charitable organization as well.

Stay Connected with The Movers

We encourage our clients to be in touch with the moving crew because we believe in hundred percent transparency. That is how we have built our name in the local Richmond community. A dedicated representative will be put in touch with you and you can call them any time you need help or service. If you are worried about calling us often, rest assured that we believe in ensuring high quality service in the friendliest way.

Pack for The Long Distance

Packing for a long distance move is slightly different than its counterpart. You can try all sorts of safety measures, but, in the end, you may not get everything safely since you lack the skill and expertise which professional moving companies flaunt. If you do not want to have us pack everything, you can always opt for our partial packing services. On the other hand, if you want to do everything yourself, we can help you by providing the best packing materials in our industry and guiding you a little.

Though we are here to help you with every aspect of the service, we expect your cooperation. We would like you to arrive at the new location before our trucks do. Though you can trust us to take care of every single detail, we would appreciate your presence while we set things up so that we can reduce the chances of mistakes and assure you of high quality service.

We also recommend that you carry all your paperwork on you. Since you will be crossing many state lines, you may need to produce certain documents on request. It may be inconvenient if those documents are packed along with your other belongings.

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We promise your satisfaction with the move and believe that you will definitely recommend us to your friends.