Local Moves

Local Moves

Any move that will cover a distance less than 20 miles is considered to be a local move. To us, however, distance is nothing but a number. Therefore, we provide both local and long distance move to our clients, ensuring that their valuables, belongings, merchandise, equipment, and office supplies reach safely and without a single dent or scratch.

Local Moves

Since the distance we need to cover is relatively small, our goal is to complete your relocation as soon as possible. Save Big Redmond Movers is all about punctuality and discipline; we take deadlines and our responsibilities towards our clients extremely seriously.

Reasons to Move Locally

There are hundreds of reasons why people choose to move locally. Over the years, some of our clients have given us the following reasons to justify their needs to move from their current location.

Getting A Larger Residence:

A lot of the customers we have served in the past choose to move in pursuit of a larger residence. If your little kids are growing up or if you recently got married and there is a little one on the way, new rooms will be necessary. Save Big Redmond Movers assures you a smooth transition in this particular case.

Getting a Smaller Residence

There are instances when extra space can be overwhelming. Kids eventually grow up and move out, which results in parents searching for smaller residences. And if you are getting older, a large home becomes tiresome, especially if you have diseases that affect your ability to walk around. Regardless of why you need to move into a smaller place, Save Big Redmond Movers promises to deliver top notch moving services.

Aiming for Better Opportunities

Farms, retail stores, and even offices may choose to relocate locally because they seek better opportunities. For example, a store may want to shift to a better locality where it can target its clients better. Similarly, offices may choose to relocate to make coming to work easier for its current employees and future talent. No matter why you need to relocate your business, trust us to be by your side every step of the way.

Fluctuation In Monthly Income

You might have just received a brilliant promotion or unfortunate demotion. As fluctuation in income affects your ability to meet the rent or mortgage, Save Big Redmond Movers will help you move out of your current home and into one within your new budget. Similarly, we help stores and businesses planning on upgrading or downsizing their operations, ensuring that moving challenges do not distract them from their daily work.

Understanding the Process of a Local Move

If you decide to call us for your upcoming move, we will send over a representative to assess your needs and provide you with a quote. While we take pride in offering competitive prices, we aim to please. Therefore, you can negotiate the price until we reach a cost that is feasible for both you and our crew.

If you want some time, you can call us once you have made up your mind to book our services. A dedicated representative will be assigned to you, so you can call them any time you have questions which need answers.
Our customers often ask us about the quality of local moves. Although we welcome your question, rest assured that you do not have to worry about a single thing. The only difference between local and long distance moves is the time we dedicate for packing and transporting your things. The quality of both services are equally high, so you do not have to worry about your things suffering the slightest damage.

Your furniture will be neatly wrapped in blankets while the rest of your items will be either in padded boxes or strategically placed against the walls of our padded moving vehicles. Rest assured that we know what we are doing. In fact, our moving crew works on similar assignments on a daily basis, making them much faster and better at packaging and wrapping than most of our clients. However, we value your input, so do not hesitate to provide any instructions you think we should follow while moving your things.

Speed aside, we believe in providing convenience to our clients. That is why our moving crew is trained to abide by our special labelling system. With the help of this system, our movers can unpack and place every single one of your belongings in the right room even if you are not present at the new location. However, you are more than welcome to guide us on placing your things, which is why we urge you or your representative to be present when our moving vehicles arrive.

What are you waiting for? Call 1 619-633-3477 today and book our services. We promise a memorable experience during the move and your peace of mind throughout.