Retail Moving

Retail Moving

A lot of moving companies offer such a variety of services, but only a few of them have done actual work to show for their big claims. We belong to the latter as we are the trusted movers of many retail stores in the area. Our years of experience, combined with our expertise and dedication, make us the best choice for retail store owners, flagship owners, and even mall owners to relocate their stores around Redmond or the rest of the city.

Save Big Redmond Movers is skilled in safely moving inventory, showcases, registers, product items and even store decorations. We are perfectly aware that the product is what you are selling and the decorative items are what makes it sell. As no customer will buy something which is either slightly damaged or scratched, Save Big Redmond Movers promises to use the highest quality padding material for all your items and transport them in our double padded vehicles. That way, your merchandise and everything related to your store will reach safely.

As the experts on office moves, we can also handle your backend office, relocating every aspect in it. Trust us to perfectly pack and unpack your things for a small fee so that you can get back to operating your store and generating profits from your unique offerings.

What Happens During a Retail Move

All of our services maintain the high standards we have accustomed our clients to. However, we tend to customize our services according to clients’ needs, ensuring great value for money. Our moving crew are trained employees, so they are well informed about the quality and sensitivity of certain items. In fact, their expertise and experience helps them differentiate between a vintage furniture and a table boat from IKEA. As each employee is insured and bonded, all you need to worry about is how to open your new store once you have relocated.

As retail shops also have their own important sets of data, we take extra measures to ensure their safety. Your file cabinets will be physically secured and we will limit access to your computers and networking hardware. That way, your customers’ data will remain secure at all time.

To hire our services, get in touch with us so that we can send our representative to your store. Based on their experience, they will determine the overall cost of your move. You are welcome to negotiate the price, but rest assured that it will be one of the lowest in our industry. Once you agree to our terms, we will sign a contract and begin planning your move. We will even plan packing your things around your schedule so as to not disturb your operations. Trust us to make your convenience our priority.

Depending on your space, we may take between a day and three days to pack every single part of your store. Trust us to ensure the safety of your merchandise and decorative items in the process. If you want, we can also help you unpack and organize your things for a small fee. However, you can also unpack on your own since we accurately label every box for added clarity.

Call us right now at 1 619-633-3477 if you want to move your retail store today. We promise that you will wrap up the packing, moving and unpacking parts really quick so that you can get back to business as usual.

Call us today at 1 619-633-3477 and book our Moving Services.

We promise your satisfaction with the move and believe that you will definitely recommend us to your friends.