Office Moving

Office Moving

Did you recently get a better job offer in another city far away from where you currently are? Do you want to move to a different city in your current state? Are you thinking about selling all your furniture and appliances because the distance of your move is too long? Save Big Redmond Movers is here to rid you of all worries because we offer excellent and affordable long distance moving services.

We can expertly move all your office supplies and equipment, including phones, computers, filing cabinets, servers, files, printers, and even your establishment’s security systems. Our goal is to also minimize the time your office remains closed during the move. Therefore Save Big Redmond Movers strives to quickly move your property as well as organize your assets, merchandise, and equipment within no more than two days. That way, you will not have to waste another day and incur losses as a result.

How Will Things Proceed

After you have selected Save Big Redmond Movers, rest assured that your office move will be smooth and streamlined. In addition to abiding by our industry’s best practices, we have developed a few systems which enable us to provide high quality services at all times.

The Process

After you call Save Big Redmond Movers, an experienced representative from our company will be sent to your office to thoroughly assess your needs and provide their own recommendations. Our professional will then give you a quote which you are more than welcome to negotiate. We will do our best to provide you with a cost which both you and our crew agrees on. Once you are satisfied and decide to book our services, a representative will be assigned to your move. You can approach them with any questions you have or even inform them about last minute changes.

The Checklist

We encourage our clients to make an inventory of all the items that are going to be moved. We also keep a detailed inventory of items ourselves to be able to compare it with your later. Through this step, we guarantee zero chances of your belongings getting lost or forgotten.

The Office Layout

Often after a move, offices go through another tedious process called reorganizing. If you are hiring outside help, the additional expense will not be worthwhile since the team will need to know what is inside the boxes before unpacking them. If you are handling this process yourself, you are going to lose more workdays. This is where Save Big Redmond Movers can be very helpful. Our moving crew will unpack and place the items themselves. If you chose our packing services, we can get your office ready in no time since we properly label our boxes. With our help, you will not miss any more work days and your office will be running effectively.

Save Big Redmond Movers believes in being transparent while dealing with its customers. Although you can call our representative and trust our crew to handle every aspect, we still believe it is imperative that either you or your representative be at the moving site. Your presence enables us to ask all our questions on the spot. That way, the move can go smoother and faster. While our crew can easily tend to packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your things, no one knows your office like you do. Therefore, take the time for us to deliver you a satisfactory service.

The After Service

Save Big Redmond Movers believes in being there for its customers even after the move has been completed. As clients may feel confused about a particular item or want to reconfirm some details, we keep communication lines open at all times. The same dedicated representative who was with you during the move the whole time will be still there for you afterwards, so you can call that person and clear out all your queries.

Our inventory technique is flawless. So, if you believe there is something missing, you can give us a call and we will help you find it instantaneously. Nothing we move gets lost in the transit.

Pick up your phone right now and call 1 619-633-3477, Let Save Big Redmond Movers move your office and we promise you will not be disappointed.

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