Moving To-Do List

Moving is an extremely tiring and daunting task; and in the midst of all the chaos, you may forget certain important things. It is always a good idea to make a To-Do List if you are planning on relocating your home, store, office, or commercial plot. There is a lot of last minute hassle which can be avoided if you do things systematically. As we believe in helping our clients in every way possible, here is our own moving to-do list which we recommend that you follow.

● Contact the Moving Company
o Get in touch with Save Big Redmond to learn about our services and request a quote.
o Ask any questions you may have in order to ensure a smooth move without any hitches.
o If you plan on packing yourself, ask for materials to begin the process. You can also get some help by opting for partial packing services.
o Set the dates for packing your things as well as moving them to your new destination.

● Prepare Yourself to Move
o Keep a neat folder that contains all the forms from the moving company along with all the other move related paperwork.
o Get in touch with all the local businesses that need to know you are moving away.
o Contact the U.S. Post Office and fill out the “Change of Address” form.
o Go to your children’s school and inform them about the transfer.
o Inform your loved ones that you are moving away.
o Clean out items that may cause clutter at the new destination. If possible, auction them off or donate them.
o Avoid heavy grocery shopping days before moving. Your goal is to have no edibles available in your fridge or freezer as these can spoil and harm your health.
o Clean out your appliances and unplug them at least one day before the move.
o You need to cancel all the subscriptions you have in place.
o Schedule on and off dates for your utilities.
o Casually clean all the furniture before moving will make it easy for wrapping and packaging.
o We recommend that you carry out an inventory of all the items you are going to move. When the move is complete, you can check your belongings off the inventory list.

● Get Ready on Moving Day
o Save Big Redmond will pack your things on moving day if they are not too many. For businesses, commercial moves, and retail stores, we may take one or two days extra.
o Take one last look at your belongings and ensure that they have been wrapped or packed properly and labeled efficiently. You may want to create a labelling system in order to easily determine where the boxes go and what they contain.
o For residential moves, you need to leave a note for the new residents of your home detailing your new address and contact information. Though not a necessity, it is a good gesture.

● Settle In and Enjoy Your New Place
o Save Big Redmond will unload the boxes and place them either according to your instructions or as per a pre-set plan.
o You can begin unpacking yourself or avail our unpacking service to save your time and effort.
o Place all the documents related to your move in a safe place in case you need them later.
o Enjoy your new location and make the most of your move.

Call us at (425) 440-2062 and ask us any questions you have about moving. Save Big Redmond Movers promises to be there for you before the start and after the end of the entire moving process.