About Us

Save Big Redmond Movers is a company built by individuals with decades of experience in the moving industry. We have quickly become one of the most reliable movers in Redmond, WA due to our dedication to our clients, the extra care we put in selecting our personnel, and the consistency of our services’ quality.

Whether you want to move your office, retail store, commercial property or residence, we have vast experience in each of these categories. We will carefully transport your belongings, merchandise or assets with your instructions in mind. Trust us to deliver according, if not beyond your expectations, as your satisfaction is our main goal. In fact, Save Big Redmond Movers believes in providing customized services to all of its customers. Therefore, we will take the time to listen to you, discuss your needs, propose the best course of action, and create a special moving plan just for you.

Moving aside, we also specialize in packing and unpacking expensive and sensitive equipment as well as heavy industrial machinery. As we understand the best standards of our industry and are aware of safety regulations, we are the right people to take on this extremely difficult task without costing our clients an arm and a leg. In fact, since we move our clients quickly, we deliver extra value for money and reduce the losses which businesses incur while their factories/stores/offices remain closed.

Complementing these is our dedicated staff. Every single employee working at Save Big Redmond Movers is selected after a thorough hiring cycle. Our movers are licensed, bonded, and fully insured to guarantee the best service to you. In order to ensure your satisfaction and keep our team motivated to abide by our high quality of service, we go the extra mile for our employees and offer them a rich working environment where they can thrive.

As for our moving vehicles, these are spacious, well maintained vehicles that can accommodate numerous boxes, your furniture, and a wide array of equipment. To ensure the safety of your things in our vehicles, we have trained our truck drivers to carry out simple car maintenance. However, rest assured that we will make sure to thoroughly inspect every vehicle before sending it to your doorstep so that we do not stop once on the road. The trucks also undergo a padding process to secure your things and ensure their safety until they reach your destination.

By choosing Save Big Redmond Movers, you will always be in control. Our representative will schedule all our operations around your schedule so as to not disturb your routine or operations. You will also be connected to our experts as they move your things so that you know how far along they are. Finally, we take every measure to ensure that your instructions are followed to a tee.

The following further make us one of the most cost-effective moving services in Redmond, WA and the right choice for homeowners, business people, industrialists, and retailers :
★ Our estimation team will come to you to assess your needs and provide a quote that satisfies both parties.
★ We are experienced in quickly assembling and dissembling different types of furniture, appliances and equipment.
★ Our loading and unloading process is meticulous and careful.
★ We offer to not only move your belongings or assets. We can also organize them as per your instructions or on the spot for an additional fee.
★ We offer to quickly transport your belongings to ensure that you feel at home or begin operations promptly.
★ Our packaging and wrapping services promise to save your time and ensure the safety of your things.

Ask the locals about Save Big Redmond Movers and you will find out yourself why we are their first choice. We cherish your trust and will do everything within our power to ensure that it lasts.

Save Big Redmond Movers is ready and well equipped to handle all moving challenges. Call us today at (425) 440-2062 with your queries, concerns, and requests. We are here for you and our skilled moving crew is just a phone call away.