Packing and Wrapping Services

Save Big Redmond Movers understands how tedious the entire moving process is and how extremely exhausting this daunting task can get. The search for finding the perfect moving company, cancelling all the utilities, transferring your kids to the new school, unsubscribing services and then re subscribing them are just some of the tasks that keep mounting on your shoulders. To top it all, you still have to pack and wrap everything as well. Luckily, Save Big Redmond Movers can help through its excellent packing and wrapping services. With us by your side, you can concentrate on the other important aspects of the move without worrying about what goes where.
Save Big Redmond Movers is a trusted name in the Redmond community, so trust us to ensure the safety of your things. However, we would like your presence while we pack. That way, we can make sure to properly protect your fragile good as well as those with sentimental value. Moreover, your input is valuable as we label your things, ensuring less hassle as you unpack.

Rest assured that Save Big Redmond Movers will wrap and pack everything you want moved in a very professional manner. Our track record is immaculate as we have had zero incidents while relocating our clients. We understand just how valuable your merchandise and sentimental belongings are, which is why we will do our best to prevent their damage. Complementing our high quality standard for packing is our padded trucks, which are designed to further protect your things and ensure that they stay put regardless of how near or far you are planning to move.

Advantages of Hiring Save Big Redmond Movers for Packing and Wrapping
Hiring Save Big Redmond Movers is the right decision if you want professional packing and wrapping services. Here are the reasons which make our service an excellent choice for homeowners, businesspeople, and industrialists:

★ Save Time
During a move, there is so much that you have to do. If you are moving your home, then you have to worry about transferring your kids’ schools and handling mortgage paperwork. These are trivial in comparison with commercial moves as the paperwork of this move is even larger. As packing and wrapping requires a lot of time and effort, Save Big Redmond Movers will literally save you from this exhausting task to ensure that you have enough time to concentrate on other important things.

★ Less Stress
Not only will hiring us give you extra time to concentrate on other moving related tasks, it will also help you avoid the stress which everyday life causes. Your job, family, business transactions, etc. will be stretching you thin let alone having to move on top of all that. Save Big Redmond Movers understands how much stress you are under. By hiring us, we promise to make this transition as smooth as possible.

★ Experienced Packing
Save Big Redmond Movers has years of experience in packing and wrapping, which means we can do it better and faster than you. If you want to be sure that your property will not suffer damage during loading, transit and unloading, then it is better that you hire professionals with relevant experience rather than doing it yourself. We make sure each box is equal in weight and that it is not overfilled. We also know how to pack glass items and other fragile items while ensuring that they remain intact and scratch-free until they reach your destination.

★ Convenience and Speed
If you are packing things yourself, you may not give much thought to labelling, color coding and the systematic way of boxing and unboxing. As convenience and speed are our goals, Save Big Redmond Movers has developed a tested system for labelling and packing. You will not have to guess what is inside the boxes once they reach the destination. In fact, we can place your belongings according to your previous place’s layout. As a result, the only difference will be the location. However, we can also place things as per your instructions, so do not hesitate to guide us on where to place your things if this service is part of your package.

Let us handle the entire move; we promise you that not a single thing will be misplaced, mishandled or damaged.

Packaging and Wrapping Process
When you contact Save Big Redmond Movers, a representative will be sent to your property so that you can get an exact quote. You can also inquire about our company’s credentials and experiences to make sure that you have taken the best decision. Once you hire our services, you will be connected with a dedicated representative who will be available to you 24/7.

Regardless of the size of the property, our workers are fully trained and experienced in dealing with all sorts of wrapping and packing challenges. They will empty all your storage areas and distribute things according to their fragility before packing them carefully and labeling them systematically.

Do not let packing and wrapping your furniture weight you down. Contact Save Big Redmond Movers today at (425) 440-2062 and let us plan your move from start to finish.