Commercial Moves

A commercial move is by far the most difficult move for both the client and the moving company. That is why many companies tend to stretch the process longer than it should. As a result, their clients lose their money since their operations are hurdled. These are the challenges we carefully plan to overcome with every commercial move we take on. As the experts in this field, we have even established our own system, ensuring that these moves are quick and hassle-free.

Save Big Redmond Movers has been the first choice of the members of the commercial sector. We also boast years of experience in moving giant industries, hospitals, research facilities and other commercial entities which other less experienced movers tend to avoid. What further helped us establish our roots in this industry is that we understand that industrial grade equipment and machinery are extremely expensive and takes months to replace. Therefore, we take extra care of your commercial belongings and even offer to pack them for you according to industrial standards.

Save Big Redmond Move has also established a good functional system for categorizing clients’ items. This is important since moving huge commercial establishments can be confusing as is, let alone having to force clients to spend a lot of time guessing which item was packed in which box. Thanks to our methodical process, our industrial and commercial moves are extremely fast.

We also specialize in moving farms. In hopes of greener pastures, farmers may choose to move. In addition to relocating their equipment, we offer to take care of transporting their livestock. Our fleet of moving vehicles has the best vehicles for this purpose and our crew are trained to handle these valuable live assets with care. Therefore, do not worry about your animals with Save Big Redmond Move on the job.

Commercial Move Details
Moving commercial establishments is a different process altogether, making it far from similar to retail shop and office moves. The former includes relocating extremely sensitive equipment and tools, That is why we insert extra padding and apply other precautionary methods while packing. Our trucks are also properly padded, adding layers of protection for your expensive commercial equipment. Through these measures, we guarantee safe loading, transit and unloading all the items on your plot.

In addition to abiding by the regulations set by the packing industry, Save Big Redmond Movers follows Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations while handling industrial grade equipment and machinery. Moreover, our operations are in accordance to the policies of Environmental Protection Agency. We also factor in your instructions to completely ensure that your move is smooth and incident free.

We have a vast experience in dealing with all kinds of medical facilities, which is why we know that one of its top priorities is ensuring the safety and security of client data. Save Big Redmond Movers will go the extra mile to protect the privacy of your patients’ files and data, ensuring that they do not fall in the wrong hands.
We also have experience in moving hotels, which is one of the most demanding type of moves due to the large responsibility attached to it. In addition to the hundreds of appliances which need to be transported with care, hotels contain expensive furniture that should be free from scratches to maintain their value. Save Big Redmond Movers has the skills, expertise, and dedication to move your entire hotel to a different location in a matter of days. Contact us to find out how we can help you relocate your operations to a more profitable city, neighborhood, or even state.

What You Should Expect During Commercial Moving
We understand that you may have a busy schedule, which is why we will make sure that the entire moving process is scheduled around your daily routine. A representative will be sent to your commercial location and they will examine the entire facility. You will also be asked to give us an estimate on the weight of your machinery and equipment as these determine how much we will be billing you. Once we factor in all the aspects related to your move, you will be given the cost of the entire move. We urge you to negotiate the quote if you think you cannot afford it. Rest assured that we will do our best to give you a price that satisfies you and our team.

Once you agree on the price we quote, a dedicated representative will be assigned to you so that you can contact them for further information. You can ask our crew or the assigned representative as many questions as you want and trust them to answer in a friendly and professional manner.

On the day of the move, we recommend that you or a representative from your company be present at the source and destination. Your cooperation will further ensure that there are no errors in the process and things are done just the way you want.

Let us help you with your upcoming commercial move. Call us today at (425) 440-2062 and get a free quote from our representatives. We promise you the best value for money and excellent service that you will always seek every time you move.